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IDPM was created to recognise and give back to the actors that have given the extra time and great effort to learn, improve and excel in the arts of dramatic violence, physical performance and stunts in equal measure to their acting craft.

Our actors will be strong assets to any production, whether it is an action movie, a musical, video game, drama, or restoration comedy. Their physical awareness, movement, control and coordination skills will enhance, not only the action, but also the non-verbal story-telling of a production and with even the most stringent of rehearsal periods.

All of our clients have extensive training and experience in stage and screen combat (unarmed and weapons), as well as a number of other related disciplines including, but not limited to: martial arts, stunts, firearms, horse riding, archery, physical theatre, mime, commedia del'arte and more.

If you are looking for action actors for leading or supporting roles, our clients can train harder, learn faster, jump higher, move slicker, fall further, fight longer and ultimately look better - of course all safely, minimising accidents and injuries.

If you need a fight/action team for a mass brawl, a medieval battle, a kung fu tournament or a big shoot out, contact us about our Action Agency and we can fill your ranks with trained and experienced action performers.

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